The True Essence in Free Games

Welcome to the page where you will learn everything about online games! Although online games used to be something for real geeks in the past, almost everyone plays them. The increasing popularity of these games is not to be denied these days and the selection of different games is getting bigger and bigger. Here you will find everything you should know about online games.

First of all, the question arises as to why online games have become so popular, after all, they have been around for a long time. So why are so many people finding their way to the various websites offering online games today? The reasons for this are diverse; some of them are obvious, others will probably surprise you.

The playability and variety of opponents

As well as the large selection of games, the playability of the games also plays a major role in terms of popularity. The game developers are aware that players will not long try to play a game if it is too complicated. For this reason, more and more games are offered that are suitable for beginners and at the same time provide enough opportunities for experienced players.

But who plays a game long and manages to master this, wants to compete with others. Again, this is an aspect that has made the online games extremely popular, because here you have the opportunity to play against a large variety of opponents. While at one time you had to fight against your friends, today the whole world is at your disposal.

Regardless of gender or age

Computer and video games are much more than just another hobby. Especially for adolescents, they have become an important medium of experience and communication as an identification medium. But at the same time they are always critical in the social discussion: So it is especially in adolescents and young adults to computer gambling and violent games and their negative effects.

At least with the advent of so-called “casual games”, which allow an easily accessible gaming experience and thus primarily address casual gamers, but also more and more women and older people, who barely appeared in the statistics of the market research companies a few years ago, explore virtual game worlds. Today, the proportion of women is 47 percent, while the age group 50+ already accounts for a quarter of the active players.

Can affect the game

But what exactly is the fascination of computer games? A special feature that sets virtual games apart from other media, such as television, is their interactivity. While one lets the television “sprinkle” and consequently takes a passive role, one can actively act on the game because of the interactivity of the computer games. In computer games, interactivity initially means the ability to significantly influence gameplay on screen through your own actions. Herein lies the origin of the interactive gameplay: The player can actively intervene in the game and thereby feels in the middle of the.


Playing means community

More and more games can only be played over an existing internet connection. Without internet, no games are possible. However, an Internet connection is also necessary because you have to communicate in writing or orally during the game in order to be successful together in a team. Games can be used to get to know people from all over the world in virtual space and socialize.