The right Games for the Proper Android Games

The game has always had a high social and cultural significance. According to the latest surveys, almost every second German (46%) plays computer games. In view of this, it is not surprising that the computer games industry is booming and has long since become a billion dollar business. But what makes the fascination of digital games? Where is the appeal of virtual game worlds?

Nowadays, there is a trend of games in almost every age group. They are popular with adults, children, the elderly and adolescents because everyone loves to play. But there are many questions like why playing on the phone is so popular? Is it just because games are addictive? Or is it the factor that you can simply download? Or maybe the price is crucial? Or maybe the games on the phone are like console games? These are all factors that have to be answered, which is the main reason for the popularity of playing on the phone. So here is the explanation of the following factors:

The first factor “price”:

It is very obvious that everyone is excited when it is free. In many cases, the available games for tablets and mobile phones are free. Some are completely free as freeware games, others cost a little, but far cheaper than console games cost. Every console player has to be aware that the games cost a lot more there (around ~ 50 Euro per game). Playing on the phone sometimes costs only around 0.99 euros. You only have to pay a few cents to play mobile games – whenever you want, wherever you are.

The second factor, the “necessity”:

The popularity of games on the phone also depends on the factor that it is a necessity of human life. There is hardly a person who does not own a cell phone. We travel with him, even when sleeping, many have their cell phone and dmit. Where there are many multiple functions, it is also entertaining for the players. Smartphones are popular with almost everyone. There are so many different brands with all sorts of functions, for every area of life. Be it a Windows Phone, iPhone, iOS, Android or Blackberry – they all have one thing in common: you can play on them, they are gaming systems. Games can be played on these phones because the manufacturers know that it is a popular choice of the person or the buyer. The game is never far away from you, you just have to get the phone out of your pocket and you’re ready to go. However, there are also portable handhelds, such as the 3DS or PlayStation Vita. There are also larger games implemented as Hitman GO on PS Vita.

The third factor “simplicity”:

So, as mentioned earlier, mobile phones have a “need” and that is one of the reasons why everyone buys them. But not everyone can get it an Xbox, PlayStation or even the new Nintendo NES Mini afford. For some teenagers it is almost impossible, but at the same time they want to play games. Mobile phones are no longer there, just to network with each other. Most people use their smartphone for entertainment, with all the features it offers. Another important point is that nobody wants to carry a PlayStation around with them. Mobile is not only cheaper than a PlayStation, but it is also available at all times. A finger movement and the game starts. Mobile phones let the user relax, just to relax.