Dolphin Review – Best Emulator to Play Wii Games on PC & Mac

dolphin emulator

Have you been searching for the best emulator to play Wii games on PC & Mac? Are you confused among the plethora of these emulators and don’t quite know for sure which would be the perfect emulator for your needs? Do you have an older system?

Have you just decided to enjoy some classic games from the good old times instead of playing the graphically demanding current AAA titles that are popular in the market?

Even if you happen to agree with just one of these questions, you have come to the right place in your discovery of a capable emulator. While most Emulators may promise exceptional results, they are hardly stable at all times and you wouldn’t want to use a system that loses your progress every now and then or crashes every time you complete a tough mission, correct?

We have the best emulator to play Wii games on PC & Mac and you wouldn’t even have to go at great lengths to acquire it nor do you have to learn coding to customize its features.

Dolphin Emulator

The Dolphin Emulator works like a virtual machine on your system once it’s been installed properly. It is popular in many circles because it has over a million downloads in the mere few years of its inception and several thousands of users already access it on a daily basis to run noteworthy games and useful apps.

You can emulate both GameCube & Wii titles and utilize the handful of exceptional graphics enhancing tools to rejuvenate your older games with stunning clarity and sound.

You can play games in High Definition by using the Anti-Aliasing feature without the fear of becoming unstable or crashing due to the load.

The Dolphin Emulator is developed under an Open Source Project which makes it easier to find support for it within its large community and also to tweak it further to add personal customizations.

Run all your favorite game titles on Full-Screen at full stability while also being able to save the game state multiple times! You can also personally configure your controls for gaining an advantage in various games and even incorporate Wiimote & Nunchuck to simply blow the competition out of the park!

You can trust this emulator to run many famous titles without rendering your system haywire or losing any personal data. The Dolphin Emulator contains no malware that could threaten your data and it runs perfectly the same even when you’re offline.

All these amazing features make the Dolphin Emulator the best Gamecube emulator to play Wii games on PC & Mac! Download it today to enjoy all the classic games!