Computer games are particularly popular with boys: How can parents positively influence?

Computer games can also have an artistic aspect, for example when you compete against each other with the micro.Unfortunately, an average person usually spends too little time with their own family. For that very reason, every single second of such a family society should be able to be properly appreciated. And video games in particular offer us not only a perfect balance to the stressful everyday life, but also the opportunity to have fun playing with our neighbors. Family games can be very different: action games, adventure games, role playing and many more. The most important thing is that they make us act in a team.

Fun is a stretchy term that is experienced by many different people in a unique way. In the past, video games were crunchy bastards that brought you to the brink of despair (yes, we’re looking at you, Mega Man and Battletoads). Meanwhile, however, the tide has turned: Since games are nowadays no longer consumed solely by photophobic under-age children, but also by people who only want to switch off after work in the evening, is increasingly the holistic game experience in the foreground. No longer the way is the goal, but the goal is the goal.

Sounds logical, of course

The most popular computer games in the world

In the search for a good computer game especially the adventures and MMORPGs are still on the rise on the PC. In recent weeks, Guild Wars 2 has released a title that connects both genres in an attractive way. But other titles have also gained some popularity in recent times. For example, strategy games like Starcraft or Anno are best played with a mouse and a keyboard. In this way, the PC will continue to be the dominant platform for games, at least in this genre. But especially the Internet games should ensure that you cannot completely copy the PC, as far as games. Thus, the adventure games in the various browser games are becoming increasingly popular. Adventure games for download searches, so do not want to play in the browser will certainly find gamesload or other providers.

The best PC games for direct download

The ability to load PC games directly to the PC has also changed the genre in recent years. Today you do not have to buy the games for expensive money on the Internet, but simply download and install on the net. This applies to current titles, which are particularly popular, as well as to various classics that still have a large community. So if you decide against the console games and prefer to put on the titles on the PC, still has a wide selection and good options. The adventure games, strategy games and simulations are sure to bring full fun on the PC only.

While most successful games suffer from massive hacking, fan discontent, and simply economic factors, Half-Life 2 is the only problem of its kind. The series has not been completed for more than a decade now, and the success of Valve developers is to blame.


According to many people, Half-Life 2 was the perfect game and the crown of Valve’s creation. Not only did it use advanced achievements of technology and computer graphics, its plot, narration, gameplay, were a dream come true for fans.

These achievements made the name Valve a household name. The stunning success of the game allowed developers to promote their other products, such as Portal and Left 4 Dead. However, somewhere in the process of work, Valve forgot about the most anticipated project – Half-Life 3.

And years after the open final of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, there is no news about whether episode three or one-third of the game will ever be released. And this is driving not only the fans, but the whole game world as well. It seems that the creators of the legendary series are busy with other extremely important things, so the fate of Gordon and Alix is as vague as ever.