Strategies to follow to win the battleground of Knives Out

Knives Out is an ultimate battle royale game that can make any game lover an addictive to it. The game is very much similar to PUBG and other battle royale games, where you have to fight for your survival against enemies with the aim of becoming the last man standing. Here, we have got some strategies that can help you to win the game.

Land based on the risks

If you are familiar with battle royale games, you might be known about the items lying around the different areas of the battlefield that can be tempted and attract anyone to be land on that area. But, always remember that in Knives Out, you have 99 other players who are thinking in the same way. You can land in a populated area, but be aware of the risks.

If you see that other players are also landing in the same area, simply drift over somewhere else. If any player has landed before you, he may shoot right out of the sky, so be careful.

Grab essential items

In Knives Out, there are three essential items which are automatically picked up from the ground when you go closer to them. These items are body armor, helmet, and backpack, where each of it has different strengths and benefits. Usually, these items can be found at level 1, but you can grab their improved versions as you go levels up. Make sure to be attentive to grab these essential items.

Use minimap for tracking

When you are on the vast battlefield, minimap works great in making you aware of where you are and where you are supposed to go. The minimap can be the best tool for not only keeping track of your locations but provides you the quickest way to the safe zone as well as display the potential threats.

If you are getting shots, immediately look at your minimap to determine the direction from where the shots are coming so that you can make a quick escape plan.

Use Crouching

You can move from one place to another safely by crouching, though it is much safer than sprinting. It is the best idea to crouch and explore, especially when you are in the area for loot. You must stay under windows to avoid being visible to your enemies outside the house. Also, when you run from one location to another, you are more likely to find by the prying eyes and may kill you on the spot.

These survival strategies for Knives Out work effectively in helping you to win the battleground.

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