Tips to become Star Player in Brawl Stars

If you are playing Brawl Stars on PC for some time, you have been noticed that after each game, one player is marked with Star Player. This badge is given to only player which indicates the best player of the game. The badge cannot be given to any player, many factors are considered that determine to which player it is given to. Generally, a player who did the maximum damage and kill will be rewarded as the Star Player.

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game where two teams fight against each other to win the game. Even if your team loses the game, still you can become the Star Player. Always keep in mind that the badge is for the best player of the team, not the best player of the team who wins.

Do you want this Star Player badge? You need to go through the given tips which will help you to get this badge. As it is earlier said, the Star Player of the game is decided based on the damage, kill, time taken for killing, assistance and several other factors. So, have some helpful tips so that you can earn all these factors and do the best in the game.

  • When you play Bounty games, you must try to kill as many enemy brawlers as you can, obviously at the same time you must try on not to be killed a lot. It will enable you to get more stars, and the more stars you get in the game will increase the chances of becoming the Star Player.
  • When you play Gem Grab games, you must choose Poco or Pam and try to heal your friendly brawlers as much as possible, along with getting gems. It is one of the easiest ways to be considered for becoming a Star Player.
  • When you play Heist games, you must do as more damage you can to the Safe of your enemies. The more damage you will do, the more chances of being Star Player.
  • When you are in Brawl Ball game, you must try to have the most goals as it will help in increasing your chances of being a Star Player.
  • In Heist game mode, you must try your best to become the last brawler standing in the game. Obviously, a brawler you will perform his/her best can dream of getting the badge.

These are some of the tips that can help you to become a Star Player, but it does not mean that you have to always follow these tips only. Just give your best and put attention on other things as well in the game and have fun.

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