Free Fire Garena – Characters & their abilities

Free Fire Garena is all about surviving in an isolated island where you have to struggle for your survival by fighting against 49 other players. The game has a total 50 players and lasts for 10 minutes, where at the end only 1 survivor will be left.

Your aim is to become the last man standing in the battleground by making your own strategies, by using powerful weapons, by making a strong team and others.

If you have not played this battle royale game ever before, you must know that when you start playing this game, either solo or as a team, by default it will provide two players, thus giving you only two options to choose the one for your character.

These two default players do not have any special ability that can help you in easing your battle for survival on the island. But, there are many other characters in the game which have their own abilities that can be chosen as per your need.

Let’s go through the abilities of these characters.

He has the ability to decrease the vest fragility.

She has the ability to run fast.

This female character has the ability to quickly reload the submachine gun.

It is also a female character with the ability to increase the driving speed.

This male character can reduce mushroom feeding time.

He is capable of increasing the fist damage.

She can improve the carrying capacity of AR ammo.

He can get an EP for killing each player.

This character increases the running speed when the shotgun is used.

When a match starts, this male character is capable of receiving an additional HP.

This character has a very powerful ability to transform into the bush that misleads other players as a camaflouge.

It is a male character with the ability to be seen by teammates only and for the enemy it is only for a few seconds.

This female character helps players getting an extra HP if revived by her.

This male character reduces the damage to the safe zone.

The ability of each character improves by updating them using gold coins. As now you are aware of these characters and their abilities, their selection should be completely depending on your gameplay. Like, if you are in a situation where you have to run fast, you must add Kelly in your slot. Feel free to check 4 alternatives to Free Fire Garena on