Best weapons to use in Creative Destruction gameplay

Creative Destruction is a survival shooter game that allows players to explore the map and to break or destroy structures and items to collect materials that will be useful in building fortifications or other required items. It also allows players to select their weapon of choice from a vast array of options. With these amazing features, Creative Destruction is truly a game fit for people who have the wits, agility and skills to take on their opponents in this sandbox survival game.

Out of the many options available to the players, some of the arms that are provided to the players are far better than the other guns in terms of their firing rage, clip size and reload time. Other factors that affect the gameplay to a large extent are the accuracy, recoil factor and the speed at which the gun can fire multiple shots.

Here is a list of the weapons that are most helpful when it comes to the Creative Destruction battlefield –

Assault Rifle

The best kind of weapon to rely on during a battle royale match is an assault rifle. These are capable of hitting targets that are present in the long range and medium range distance. The assault rifles in the game such as SCAR, AK, VHS and XM8 are very efficient and do not require a great amount of accuracy. However, SCAR and XM8 provide the best clip size and reload speed to make sure that you are never caught off-guard.


Snipers have been a favourite among many different shooting games. They allow the player to look through a scope and target enemies that are present at a great distance from the position that the player is in. These long-range guns are a great way to ensure that you kill enemies while positioned safely on top of a building or other structures. The AWP and the VSS are snipers available to players of the game. Both of these are great options to choose from but are difficult to come by and are only available through airdrop.


The most suitable weapon for a close-range encounter is the shotguns present in the game. DTR and S1897 are the shotguns available in the game. Both these guns cause high damage when used in close range.. Both the shotguns are equally reliable but only for a short distance.

These weapons can be used to the player’s advantage. And with the right choice of weapons, you can destroy the enemies with go ahead and try using searching for these weapons for your next match.