Best mobiles games

If you say that online games are becoming increasingly popular, probably no one will be able to object. But considering today’s number of free and paid online games, it quickly becomes clear that popularity has reached a new high point.


You just have to enter the word online games into a search engine like Google or Bing and you will be flooded with search results. So it’s not just as many think that the number of players has gone up, but also the number of games has more than tripled. A search for online games delivers more than 200 million results!

But why are these games becoming more popular? There are several points for that. For one thing, the technology has improved dramatically compared to when the first games came out. This of course also meant that the graphical representation of the 1100AD was significantly better and you as a player can experience a realistic gaming pleasure. The first games 20 years ago were Pac-Man and Pong. Since then a lot has happened. Already back then, the programmers had plenty of ideas for sophisticated 1100AD as they can be played today, but at the time they did not have the ability to implement the ideas. The former PCs were simply not fast enough to handle extensive games with elaborate graphics. Today the PCs are so fast

Online games spread such fascination as it is fun to play against or with players from all over the world. The games are designed interactively so that you can communicate with others via chat and plan strategic moves in advance. Considering the rapid development of online games in recent years, you can be sure that it will continue to improve. At some point, maybe it will be so far that you can not distinguish between online games and reality anymore

Multiplayer games


Multi-user passage can be divided into three categories depending on the process of playing together:

– Multiplayer (LAN, Internet) – a special game modes to play on a local network or the Internet, the distinguishing feature is the presence of the winner

– Cooperative game – the increasingly popular trend of development of the single games that allow you to run a gaming campaign together with other players

– Multiplayer game – differs from the network in the presence of a matchmaking system, which excludes an independent search for players to play together

– Massive multiplayer game – the most popular to date, the direction of development of multiplayer games, is to achieve the maximum advantage over other players in groups of players (clans, guilds, races)

Of course, now each of these multiplayer modes are rarely found in its pure form, and the maximum MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online, Mass Multiplayer) provides convenience for team play


Also, computer games differ in perspective: two-dimensional, three-dimensional from the first and third person. Despite the development of technology, today, two-dimensional spaces are used in mobile, casual and social games, while for the hardcore games of the present day, the presence of a three-dimensional world is a mandatory component.