Proof That Free Games Really Works

Mobile gaming is undoubtedly one of the main occupations of smartphone owners. The development studios dedicated to this sector appear one after the other with more or less success. Between the big publishers who bring their stone to the building with the support of AAA titles and the amateurs who develop their games in their garage, there are now more than 100,000 games on the AppStore. Many of them are distributed free of charge or free-to-play.

The top most downloaded games do not move or little. It still includes titles as iconic as Candy Crush Soda Saga , Clash of Clans , Real Racing 3 , Angry Birds 2 , Crossy Road or Temple Run 2 . Many other free games deserve to be known . If you are looking for an unusual strategy game, an original quiz or a simple action game, you are here at home.

Six-Guns: Once upon a time in the West

If you’re tired of zombie invasions, you may prefer a more classic vibe. So try this action game that takes place in the Wild West, which allows you to embody a cowboy pure juice John Wayne.

Six-Guns challenges you to take on 40 missions that will allow you to browse beautiful landscapes on horseback or on foot to duel against various enemies and varied. Among which characters quite unexpected in a western. In addition, the game offers a fun multiplayer mode.

A lot of variety, but if you want more

As you can see, the category of action games offers a wide variety of very different games, suitable for players of all ages. Most are free, but if you plan to spend a few euros, some action games justify their price to the last penny. We can mention the classic GTA San Andreas , which has been wonderfully adapted for mobile, or Bioshock , optimized for iOS.

King Rabbit

The subjects of the king of rabbits (you) have been kidnapped! As a good monarch, you must go looking for them and release them, one by one! Beware of many enemies and traps will be on your way.

Progressively King Rabbit  gets complicated, and before you realize it you will have to learn how to dodge venomous snakes, bombs, swords.

Leap Day

In Leap Day , a little yellow guy runs. It runs by default and you can only control its jumps. Tap the screen once, skip it once, tap the screen twice.

Your goal is to climb the most floors without falling and without being knocked out.

If you manage to reap fruit in passing, you will not have to restart the level each time you die (and we often die in this game).

Super Stickman Golf 3


Golf is a lot less boring than it looks thanks to Super Stickman Golf 3.Depending on the hat you wear, you get different powers that help you crisscross the course can not be more special: dungeons, moving islands, space stations. Play free on 20 fields, and if you want more it will cost 2.29 £.