Popularity of online games among the youngsters

For the vast majority of people, online games are usually associated with teenagers or at least young people, but in fact people of any age can actively play and improve clarity of mind. The older a person becomes, the slower his body moves. Unfortunately, the human brain also tends to fade out. Usually by the age of 40, most people already show signs of such changes. Scientists have recognized computer games as one of the means of slowing down brain aging. Many, if not all, multiplayer games are based on the principle of mental competition. This principle is rarely present in the real life of a person, unless he specifically seeks checks and exercises for his mind. A vivid example of such an exercise is, for example, chess. However, if you have no one to play with, you will have to look for a mate again. Moreover, in order for such a mental exercise to be effective, your opponent must roughly correspond to your level of play.

Using the Internet and online chess, you can be sure that you can easily find a suitable opponent. Most MMO-strategies are, in fact, the same chess, but not with one specific opponent, but with millions of players from all over the world. Regular mental competition and communication in online games will gradually sharpen your mind and prepare it to solve various problems in everyday life.


The essence of most online games, especially strategies and FPS, is to compete with other players. Even in those games where you can not directly attack the enemy, competition and competition remain in the first place: if you strive to be better than someone, there will always be someone who wants to be better than you. Even if the old Atari football simulator, released back in 1994, is imbued with the spirit of rivalry, forcing you to become stronger, faster, calculate combinations and move towards victory, then what about modern games!

In the conditions of a tough game competition, you can find not only opponents, but also players who can temporarily take your side and help you. In fact, the game shows the same human qualities and situations that can occur in real life, but here they are more pronounced and do not have such important consequences. Therefore, online games may well be considered as a certain preparation for real life events. In addition, the experience of computer MMO games allows the player to analyze in more detail themselves and their behavior.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

Only through such an analysis can you evaluate your own advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, it is easier to learn not in real life, but in a game where only certain game progress is at stake. Thus, online games develop the spirit of healthy competition in a person and allow him to evaluate his own behavior in a competitive environment, which significantly stimulates a person’s personal growth in real life.

The social aspect is another advantage of modern games, but it is characteristic only for games from the category of “online”. They allow you not only to play and have a good time, but also to communicate with other people. Moreover, with the most different. They can be from any corner of our planet, from any country, any social status and age. And they can learn a lot of interesting things, you can find out how they live, their life and so on, in general, the game is not limited. Accordingly, you can find friends from your city establish new contacts and do many other things – in general, a lot of positive prospects.